Compact and cost-effective analysis of incremental signals

Four new, powerful EtherCAT Terminals complement the product range

Incremental encoders have become indispensable in many applications – often they are small and inexpensive. Beckhoff have extended the EL51xx terminal series for analysis of 5 V incremental encoders with RS422 and TTL signals with the aim of implementing incremental signal analysis within the control system in a space-saving and cost-reducing manner.

Four new, highly compact products complement the existing portfolio, based on the latest technology. Each EtherCAT Terminal features an integrated sensor supply that can be parameterized for 5 V, 12 V or 24 V and offers compatibility with RS422, 5 V TTL and open collector encoders. Based on internal pull-up resistors, no external wiring is required for open collector analysis. Additional 24 V digital inputs can be used to save, lock and set the counter value. High-precision EtherCAT distributed clocks (DC) facilitate synchronous reading of the position value. In addition, a wide range of integrated functions enable the support of further applications directly in the terminal, e.g. rotary axis function, workpiece measurement and standstill monitoring.



EL5102: Analysis of two encoders with A, B and C track; integrated functions and process data; dynamic applications with high speed and counting frequencies up to 5 MHz


EL5112: Analysis from one encoder with A, B and C track or two encoders with A and B track; integrated functions and process data


EL5122: 2-channel variant for simple positioning and counting tasks with 5 V single-ended (TTL and Open Collector)


EL5131: Two additional 24 V DC push-pull outputs enable reactions to a preset counter reading or a frequency in the microsecond range